In my program I have taught many professional body guards who are working around the world.

Come and join us. You have nothing to lose except a few inches around your waist. you will have fun and learn the proper way to defend yourself. I personally teach all the classes myself unless I am away for demonstrations or judging. That's when one of my student instructors would take over who would be at least second degree black belt or higher.  My students deserve learning from the source...

I say do it right the first time.

Many practical techniques are taught for street self-defense. In my program it takes as little as 5 months of training to reach green belt. By that time the students (12 years of age and older) would have already broken 6 boards with different techniques. All instructors do not teach the same way, even if it is the same style. If you are over confident, your skills might betray you and one day you would be more likely to get hurt. You need an honest instructor who does not fool you with flashy techniques that are no help in a street fight situation unless you have trained very hard for them. Although the price is not everything when you look for a school, but our prices are very competitive and the teaching excellent.

Our workouts are "low impact cardio".  To have excellent results your heart should be steadily around 130 beats per minute and not 160 and over;  this way you can workout for about one hour comfortably instead of burning out in 10 or 20 minutes.  You don't have to be  in good shape to join us...  leave that to us...  we'll make you fit in no time.

Being involved in many styles, my unique training method combines the most effective techniques from Tae-Kwon-Do (in which testing is done), Kung-Fu, Kyokushinkai, Mui-Tai (spelled in many different ways), Shotokan, and boxing, as well as several kicks developed by myself.  Learning many styles enables a fighter to be effective and safe in any situation.  A well-rounded Martial Artist.  My style of teaching focuses on developing a fighter's instinct through a combination of repetitive and free-choice exercises, in this way, the body is trained to respond instinctively and the mind, creatively.  I personally GUARANTEE that my students will learn the MAXIMUM in the SHORTEST TIME POSSIBLE.

A few words about myself.

Looking back to my childhood, I have a character of a cat and a monkey combined.  When a team was working on a "human pyramid" I had no problem climbing to the peak; sometimes there were more than 5 or 6 layers of people under me...  I was confident that in case of a mishap or a collapse of the pyramid, I would find a way of landing safely and that's the reason I was the kid who climbed the neighbor's fig tree to collect the ripe ones.  The fig tree's branches are very brittle and when they snapped, and broke I always grabbed another branch instantly and never fell off the tree... I was always confident and trusted myself...  to see my mother's face of the fear and the trust at the same time that I could get hurt one day but I won't was the greatest reassurance to me...  when you trust your kids they trust themselves and their efforts and they will succeed in amazing accomplishments...  likewise I trust my students can achieve the "impossible" levels in their minds and soon that "impossible" term would disappear... through my many decades of teaching, a few cases have touched my heart greatly... sometimes I see their facial expressions wondering if they can learn Martial Arts... I know they can and now it's their turn to find that out.  After only one month of training, one of these students told me "I wish I learned this years ago and didn't have to go through what I have in the past"... This person's lifestyle changed completely to a very healthy way mind and body... 

P.S. When you or your kids are thinking about joining Martial Arts you're almost there...  your mind is already where it should be; all that's left to do is to go physically and join a school...  don't postpone it...  you'll soon find out that's the best thing you did. Have a healthy and happy workout.

                                                                                                             Master Hrar (Harry)

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